Hybrid Cylinders set for early 2015 market release

  • Karm Research Group in the UK was specifically set up to bring to market, a new gravure printing cylinder technology. Since then KRG has gone from strength to strength and in addition to pioneering additional innovations in the gravure industry the group has also undertaken research projects and the development of specialist materials for use in the biomedical, construction and engineering sectors
15 October, 2014
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Hybrid Cylinders is set to bring to the market in early 2015, a patented gravure printing cylinder technology that harnesses many of the competitive advantages of flexographic printing, engineered specifically for the gravure industry.

At present, Hybrid Cylinders is only available to the early adopters of the technology. For those wishing to register an interest in the Hybrid Cylinder ahead of the full market release in early 2015, please use this ‘Register’ function, or visit Hybrid Cylinders, here for further details…


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    Karm Research Group is a research and development focused group of companies with active projects in the printing and packaging, electronics, healthcare and construction sectors.
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