Q1/2017 Update on Hybrid Cylinder Technologies

  • Karm Research Group in the UK was specifically set up to bring to market, a new gravure printing cylinder technology. Since then KRG has gone from strength to strength and in addition to pioneering additional innovations in the gravure industry the group has also undertaken research projects and the development of specialist materials for use in the biomedical, construction and engineering sectors
18 May, 2017
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Towards the end of Q1/2017 the Hybrid Cylinder management team attended the Gravure Association of the Americas Global Summit in Florida, United States and the ERA Technical and EHS Commissions meeting in Verona, Italy.

The GAA Global Gravure Summit included a further keynote speech from Prof Bob Eller of Rochester Institute of Technology in which Professor Eller continued his 3 year analysis of the gravure industry and its collective need to embrace new technology, processes and innovation to survive in which the Hybrid Cylinder technologies got an honourable mention.

Shortly after the GAA in Florida the Hybrid team then attended the ERA Technical and EHS Commissions meeting in Verona, Italy at which we gave a presentation on Hybrid Cylinders, and update since our last ERA meeting and the introduction of the chrome replacement project that the company has been working on.

ERA Membership

The Hybrid Cylinder team are very pleased to announce that in the spirit of the ERA’s mission to promote gravure wherever it is applied and to contribute to the healthy continuity of the gravure industry, the business is officially joining the ERA as a member later in 2017 to coincide with a significant announcement of the chrome replacement  cylinder coating technology that we have been developing.

The RotoHybrid team have begun an extensive program of testing and in Q3 of this year we will be releasing data of the chrome replacement technology in both pre-press and on-press environments.

To receive further updates or learn more about the Hybrid Cylinder technologies, please visit www.hybridcylinders.com

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