Roto-Hybrid team from Karm Research Group attend GAA

  • Karm Research Group in the UK was specifically set up to bring to market, a new gravure printing cylinder technology. Since then KRG has gone from strength to strength and in addition to pioneering additional innovations in the gravure industry the group has also undertaken research projects and the development of specialist materials for use in the biomedical, construction and engineering sectors
22 March, 2018
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The Roto-Hybrid team from Karm Research Group recently gave a technology update at the recent 2018 GAA Gravure Global Summit in Clearwater, Florida USA.

In addition to the update on both the Hybrid Cylinder and the HCR chrome replacement cylinder coating technology the GAA summit saw presentations covering a range of topics from the use of chrome in the context of the REACH regulations from George Battrick of the ERA, plus an EPA Legislation Update covering all aspects of maintaining a safe gravure process in the US.

The latest from Professor Robert Eller’s 3 year consultation into gravure and ‘ Transformative Breakthrough’ was insightful as usual in which he delivered an update on the opportunity to gain market share for Gravure and what steps may be required to realize that goal.

The Gravure Association of the Americas, is a trade association formed as the result of the merger between the Packaging and Label Gravure Association Global (PLGA Global) and the Gravure Association of America (GAA with the intent to create value and opportunities through interactive communication, training, education and promotion of the Gravure printing process and the Roto-Hybrid team from Karm Research Group are grateful to the GAA for its continued support and providing a platform for the last 4 years from which KRG has been able to update the gravure industry with respect of our technology developments.

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